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The Scandinavian cities of Stockholm and Copenhagen have become very popular over the past few years, for travelers looking to try a new city, look no further than the nordic country of Finland's capital. Known as the daughter of the Baltic Sea, Helsinki offers travelers the perfect mix of rich history with a modern, lively attitude. The Helsinki design district encompasses an area of 25 streets lined with over destinations, including fashionable stores, antique shops, art galleries and restaurants.

The best time to go is the summer, when the city experiences the natural phenomena of 24 hours of sunlight Chasing The Unexpected. A tiny speck in the Adriatic Sea, Obonjan Island has been dubbed the new Ibiza in the world of trendy island vacations. Until recently, this place was completely uninhabited.

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Developed in the s as a camp for Croatian boy scouts, it sat abandoned until a British music festival organizer began the project of turning it into a summer resort destination. There are also eight bike-share stations around the island, available to locals and tourists alike. The country has seen tremendous growth over the last decade, not only in economic factors such as infrastructure and public transportation, but also with the additional of luxury hotels and resorts.

Over the next year, several more luxurious properties will pop up, adding even more options for travelers Robb Report. Typically overshadowed by the nearby cities of Melbourne and Sydney, Brisbane is starting to gain some attention of its own. Brisbane also features miles of scenic riverfront, pristine parks, and-most importantly- a Koala Sanctuary. Nestled amongst the stunning red rocks in the Verde Valley region of Arizona, Sedona has become a popular destination for travelers looking get in touch with nature from the comfort of a luxury accommodation.

Having become somewhat of a haven for rest and recreation, resorts here offer plenty of options for visitors ranging from spa treatments to desert hikes Insider Travel. After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September , the entire island was left without power and clean water for almost a year.

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Over a year later, the US territory has come a long way in its recovery and ready to once again welcome visitors. Since the hurricane, hotels are now open, with another 11 anticipated to reopen by January USA Today. For an urban feel with beautiful beaches, check out Cape Town, South Africa. If you want to come face-to-face with elephants, lions and other animals in their natural habitat, head to Tanzania for a safari in Serengeti National Park US News.

Another Caribbean location hit hard during the hurricane season ready for a comeback. After losing more than 90 percent of its tourist attractions, BVI has made a remarkable recovery, with nearly every attraction and accommodation ready for the season. The main tourist attraction is the walled Old Town neighborhood, where the seaside Spanish-Colonial style buildings have either been restored or left to crumble, filled with a mix of mom-and-pop stores and trendy restaurants.

If you get tired of walking around, hop on a chiva bus: colorful wooden-frame trucks that will take you on a tour of the city The Points Guy. Mark my words: The Faroe Islands will be the new Iceland. At least on social media. Located only an hour away by plane, the lush archipelago is composed of 18 volcanic islands with soaring mountains and black sand beaches. Similar to Iceland, the Faroe Islands also have 22 hours of daylight in the summer, leaving travelers with plenty of time for exploring.

The capital city of Torshavn has all of the idyllic charm of any other Nordic capital, but with a smaller population, making for a more relaxing trip Elle. The city features colorful colonial architecture and clean stone streets, filled with a variety of restaurants, shops and art galleries.

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Several boutique properties have started popping up, ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious suites, making Merida the perfect destination for any budget Forbes. If you are interested in traveling to Japan, you have to make a stop in Kyoto. Just a bullet train ride away from the capital city of Tokyo, the smaller city of Kyoto is considered by many to be the cultural and historic center of Japan.

It boasts ancient mountainside temples, lively markets and scenic streets. You can also. For a visit that will give you the most impressive views, go during the spring season when the sakura AKA cherry blossom trees are in bloom Tripzilla. Nestled in the foothills of Mount St. Elijah on the Andrian coast, Perast can hold its own against its European counterparts. This Balkan village has become known for attracting clientele looking for the glamour and scenery of Monaco but with a more laid back and affordable charm. Perast features 17 th century stone architecture and Venetian palaces scattered amongst cobblestone streets.

Waterfront accommodations here are much less expensive than more popular destinations, making it ideal for those trying to find the seemingly impossible: a luxurious vacation at an affordable price Journiest. East of Africa in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles have been a popular destination for those living in the southern hemisphere for awhile now, but have only recently started picking up steam for tourists hailing from North America. While there are several islands to choose from, the island of La Digue is quickly becoming the fan favorite.

Known for its pristine beaches, the island features granite boulders on the west coast and calm, shallow waters on the east coast.

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The packages that existed at the time, according to Kassner, were mostly for European travel and targeted to affluent travelers. The blue collar workers went to the Jersey Shore or Wisconsin Lakes. Our packages took that market and got them to travel. Each one brought its own style and individual variations to the vacation packaging concept.

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They varied across a broad range of differences in destination, price range, hotel style and inclusions. By the s, when airline deregulation was put in place, the age of vacation packaging was rolling full tilt, and individual operators were applying the concept to a variety of destinations and trying different kinds of combinations of components. Independent packages started in the most accessible destinations, such as Florida and the Caribbean, and gradually the concept has spread to destinations all over the world.

Avanti Destinations was one of the first to take independent travel far beyond the North American beach destinations. Avanti was on top of the growing wave of people wanting to travel independently. Founded in , Avanti got the jump on competition in the s with a proprietary technology that made it easy for travel agents to assemble packages from a list of individual components.

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The technology enabled the company to seamlessly connect multiple destinations with air, hand-picked hotels and sightseeing. Avanti started selling packages to Europe, then expanded to Latin America in and to Asia in A highly competitive market Once the public got a taste for how much travel they could get for an affordable price, the demand climbed and the market grew. Though the market has its ups and downs, overall demand remains strong and continues to grow year after year.

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  6. Because the demand is so strong, competition is fierce as many players try to claim a share of the market. In such a competitive market, no vacation packager can afford to sit still. They have to constantly seek ways to improve their products and services to ward off competition. It makes for a rich selection of choices for travelers. The various packagers are always seeking to secure an advantage over their competition by offering the latest new destinations, styles of travel, and specific inclusions.

    Independent travel has continued to grow in popularity as the traveling public has become increasingly sophisticated and confident in traveling independently. Authenticity and immersion Along with the evolution toward greater independence today is a growing demand for more authentic experiences, immersion in the destination and contact with locals. Independent travel packagers have responded by trying to find ever-new ways to accommodate those wishes through inclusions in independent packages.

    Vacation packagers find novel ways to give clients immersive experiences. Cayman Islands. Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico. US Virgin Islands. Caribbean Vacation Deals.

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    See More Deals. Caribbean Cruise Deals. Top Things to Do on a Caribbean Vacation Snorkel the Caribbean Virtually every Caribbean island offers snorkeling opportunities, so whether you can access the reef from the beach or board a catamaran to get there, plunge into the warm water and experience these incredible ecosystems for yourself. When you book with us, you get: Real People. More than a travel agent, your Caribbean consultant is a fellow traveler with a passion to help you see the world. Perfect Match. Crafted Vacations.

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    Stay in hand-selected hotels. Get connected with local guides and enriching experiences. Choose from among our exclusive vacation packages, including our Escapes. We know the Caribbean. Leave the planning to us. The Liberty Travel Experience You are unique, and so is your trip.