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This modification does that by automatically adding a coupon code to an order using a specific URL. This makes it easier to run promotions since your customers only have to click on a link to receive their discount as opposed to filling out a form and entering the coupon code manually. To automatically apply the coupon code to the order you will need to pass a parameter called coupon to the cart.

The script will take the coupon code from the URL parameter, fill in the coupon field and then automatically submit the form to the cart. If you need help installing the modification or need to make some changes to it then contact us. Summary: Coupons and other discounts should be easy to apply and shopping carts should clearly display how the total was affected by the promotion. Many ecommerce websites offer a variety of sales, coupons, or discounts to their customers. Shoppers love deals, whether in the form of site-wide sales, select sale items, or coupons.

Coupons & Discounts – What and Why?

In this article, we will provide a set of guidelines for helping users take advantage of the promotions and apply them to their purchases. When it comes to coupons, the easier to apply the better. Not only does this approach make customers happy, but it also prevents them from being disrupted or unnecessarily distracted during checkout. Allow users to interact with discount advertisements to have them automatically applied to their cart.

Several users in our studies clicked on banners for discounts, attempting to apply the code to their orders often unsuccessfully. For example, the shopping cart on Famous Footwear showed a promotional banner that looked like a button. Several users attempted to click it, unsuccessfully. This approach allowed users to quickly browse discounts; however, all discounts and accompanying coupon codes were linked images, not text. So, the coupon code could not be selected and copied — users had to memorize it and apply it in the cart.

Further, the image links that accompanied the coupon description did not apply the coupon code for the user, as one might hope. Instead, they linked to full-sized versions of the promoted products which were not free. This technique can risk sales, especially in a stage as critical as checkout. Adding discounts in this convoluted way takes longer and can result in an incomplete or lost sale if users decide to spend their valued time elsewhere.

Instead of sending users on a quest to find, memorize, and apply coupon codes, use the following techniques:. JCPenney was mindful of price-conscious buyers and implemented a Find Best Coupon banner during checkout. Users could click this, and an overlay would appear on the right, showing available coupons. Once users found an appropriate coupon, they could click Apply and the code would be applied automatically. This was a good way to keep users on the checkout page while making it easy to find a good deal.

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If codes must be delivered by email, at minimum, send the discount code right away. She instantly checked her email and the message with the discount code was there.

Creating Coupon-based and Direct Discounts in WooCommerce – A Comprehensive Guide - The DotStore

While this user did not mind going to her email inbox to retrieve a discount, it can be risky to provide the code by email, because the user will need to navigate away from the site and could get sidetracked or simply get annoyed with the extra work needed to get a discount. Instead, rather than risking a sale, consider automatically applying coupon codes to the shopping cart or immediately providing a message that can be copied or applied with the click of a button.

On Minted. Taking too long to provide a discount is a sure way to lose trust.

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Not to mention that their item of interest might no longer be available when they return with the code. Users who had a coupon code on a website wanted to enter them as soon as possible. Provide a clear place for coupon codes in the shopping cart, before the first step in the checkout process. This approach enables people to check that the coupon is valid before they enter any personal information and also allows the total to be updated appropriately early in the process.

When promotions are placed in the right rail, they tend to be confused with ads and ignored due to banner blindness. In particular, the field label did not contrast well with the background and was placed below the checkout near other ad-like elements. The place to provide a coupon code should be easily findable. It should be close to the payment information, hierarchically above or before the checkout button.

Whether the coupon element should be an open field is situational.

Subscription – Add / Remove Coupon Actions

We recommend only providing an open coupon code form field if there will be some sort of valid coupon clearly visible on the website at all times e. In our research, we have seen many ecommerce purchases side-tracked or abandoned by users who did not have a coupon to put in the coupon code field. Providing a coupon field signals to users that there is a deal to be had.