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VidLii was founded in as an alternative to YouTube, but it doesn't seem to have gained much traction.


Its Twitter account has just followers. One despairing user explained that his company runs on Google's business services. While he opts out where possible, Google Calendar doesn't play all that well with non-Google calendars and that creates problems. In a post titled " DeGooglers - i'm at a moment of weakness. And that's just bullshit," the person fumed. I desperately don't want to, but I also don't want for my life to just be ridiculously hard - or harder than it should be - just as a matter of principle.

I think [I'd] be prepared to find a different job if it was," he told Business Insider. For the less hardcore deGooglers it's just easier to admit defeat. Given billions of users touch Google's services every day and find their lives are made easier for it, why is it problematic that Google is so big and wide-reaching? It's essentially about the accumulation of power, according to privacy experts. None of Google's services are free, although they look like it. Google scans the free version of Gmail for keywords which are then used for targeted ads.

Google tracks what you watch on YouTube, then shows you pre-roll ads that might be relevant. So it goes for all of Google's "free" services — you pay with your attention to ads. Read more : I cut Google out of my life for 2 weeks, but the alternatives prove why Google is so much better. Being able to find alternatives to Google's ad-funded services gives consumers power.

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If they don't like the ads or any other feature on YouTube, they could switch to an alternative and take their precious attention and data with them. But if there is no viable alternative to YouTube, consumers are locked into Google's ecosystem, and Google's terms. And Google has shown it is ready to abuse its dominance.

Just this week, it was fined for a third time in as many years by the European Union for strong-arming third-party websites into featuring its adverts in search results. Tomaso Falchetta, Privacy International's head of policy, told Business Insider via email: "Big companies such as Google, Facebook and others continue to impose terms and conditions on users which allow them to collect, analyse and share more and more personal data in ways that people do not understand given the lack of transparency or cannot genuinely consent to.

There is also a sense of anger among deGooglers that Google is intrusive in non-transparent ways and for inexplicable reasons. One user complained that the Google Translate app on Android won't work properly if you don't allow it to access your contact book. It isn't clear why a translate app needs to know who your friends are.

According to its Google Play store listing, Google's Translate app has 20 different permission requests for Android , asking for access to the microphone, camera, SMS messages, and even Bluetooth devices. There is no explanation as to why the Android app needs access to all these different functions. By contrast, Apple's mobile software iOS gives users considerably more control over what data apps can access. Google Translate for iOS only requests access to voice assistant Siri, and that's about it.

Gizmodo journalist Kashmir Hill tried to cut Google out of her life in January , building a custom VPN that would even block Google-powered apps and websites. This, she wrote, resulted in irritations like having to use worse alternatives and her computer running more slowly. According to the Reddit users who spoke to Business Insider, most people don't need to go as far as creating a custom VPN.

Download Joey for Reddit: Android. Do you own an Apple Watch? Nano is the best Reddit app for iPhone and Apple Watch. Nano for Reddit will let you read posts, vote on them, and check notifications while you are working out in the gym or hitting the road to that remote hilly area. There is also a pro version of the app available that will offer you additional features like multireddits, up to 5 subscriptions, favorites, and handoff support. Apple Watch is really popular and combined with your trusted iPhone, it can be a powerful way to stay updated with news that matters without having to touch your iPhone every now and again.

Boost for Reddit - best for layout-switchers and comment-surfers

Download Nano for Reddit: iOS. Sync for Reddit is a breath of fresh air. It brings a card-style layout that will immediately make your Reddit surfing experience a joy ride. The app is light-weight and surprisingly fast to use. A drop-down menu for subreddits, color-coded comments, easy to vote, comment, and post, and there is a night theme to match the material design. There is support for preview, multi-account, and multi-window to open more than one subreddit at once. As is popular with new apps, there is support for the gesture to back and forth while surfing and you can also use spoiler tags in the app.

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Download Sync for Reddit: Android. Narwhal does for iPhones what Joey for Reddit did for Android. Bringing the native Reddit experience onto the mobile platform, with the familiar UI, Narwhal will let you surf the front page of the Internet using gestures.

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You can view posts, comment and vote on them, and save them to your account for later perusal. The app is known for its intuitive design. New Post button is visible everywhere which is handy. Same is also true for Message icon. This small but noticeable attention to detail makes Narwhal a favorite for many Redditors. Plus, there are tons of ways to customize the app like change app icon, auto-play GIFs, video, manage content filter, and even how far to swipe before action kicks in for gesture support.

One of the better Reddit app for iOS smartphones.

Download Narwhal: iOS. RedReader is an open-source and free Reddit client which is why it made the list. This means there are no ads and no one is tracking or collecting your data. There is support for multiple accounts but there is no support for multiple tabs. Only two-column is available on tablets. There is, however, support for night mode. RedReader is a pretty good Reddit client if you are not a power user. Download RedReader: Android. Apollo is largely considered to be the best app for Reddit by the community itself.

If there is one app for Reddit on iOS that enjoys similar stardom, it is Narwhal. So what makes Apollo so special. To tell the truth, both of them are very similar. Taking the Apple design to the heart, Apollo has a UI that will compliment your iPhone with aesthetic icons at the bottom for settings, profile, message, etc. This navbar is present everywhere which will make your life easy. Same as Narwhal, there are a number of shortcuts which are beyond the scope of this list.

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